The energy axis of this WA compliant bow runs uninterrupted from the tips through the riser. The large dimensioned center piece is attached on both sides. Furthermore, three carbon slats on each side. Additional weights can be mounted

Between the tapered bamboo slats there is a massive 5mm carbon slat in the grip area up to the fadeout and a layer of 45/45 degree carbon to increase torsional rigidity

The middle section is deliberately kept large in order to be able to store weight and rigidity through the mass without appearing clumsy.

The deflex pistol grip is worked out long to the front, which almost avoids twisting when gripping around. However, shooting without a sling is still possible. The grip position is similar to an Olympic recurve and always positions the pressure point of the bow hand in the vertical/horizontal energy center of the bow. Furthermore, the pressure point is at the height of the forearm. A shifting of the pressure point is therefore impossible and the shot is 100% controllable and repeatable. The grip size is individually tailored to each shooter. The arrow is on «Centershot»

The reflex-deflex arms are made of tapered bamboo laminates with carbon inserts to increase torsional rigidity and carbon and glass laminates are glued together. Carbon absorbs tensile forces better than glass. Therefore, both are used on the appropriate page.

The tips are made in carbon to withstand maximum stress and keep dead mass to a minimum. This brings casting power and minimizes «hand shock»

Even with low draw weights, high arrow speeds that come close to a recurve bow can be achieved.

Material middle section is standard amazouke, zebrano, wenge, compressed bamboo or plywood. Veneers on the WA inside. White ebony, finnsk masurbjerk, birdseymapel, zebrano…. Everything as you wish

Bow length 68-74″

Weight 1200-3400g

The strings are of course made of Fastfight, matching the color of the bow. The string dampeners do not reduce the speed, but they do reduce the already small firing noise and string vibrations.